Taking a breath

Life goes so quickly sometimes, and the world is crying out for our attention in so many ways. How and when can we stop and take a breath? I have some ideas….

  • when a notification sounds on your phone, use it as an invitation to take a breath. You will be about 8 seconds slower to respond to the phone…but your mind will feel more settled
  • play a game with yourself where you try and take a good breath before or after specific routine activities. At a red light? Take a breath. About to leave the house? Take a breath. Washing your hands? Take a breath. About to eat? I think you know what to do!
  • during a conversation, pause to breathe. You could even breathe while you listen!
  • are there times you could put your phone out of reach? Now that’s a crazy idea! Happy breathing, everyone!


So it’s been a year…

This blogging stuff is difficult!  But I am determined….like so many of my wonderful clients.  Today I’m thinking about Spring, and paying attention to all the things that give me joy about this season.  I’m hearing birds talking to each other again (probably about starting a family) and I’m feeling some heat in the sun, even when the air temperature is still cold.  My most relaxed cat is tearing around the house—“Run, Maxine, RUN!”  So good for her, and for us, too, to celebrate and kick up our heels a little in the spring. We can choose to focus on the continuing ice, or the grunge on the boulevard, or on the spring cleaning.  Or we can look at the first plant setting buds, or poking through the soil, and smile.  Breathe in, smile. Breathe out, smile. Repeat. Enjoy.

Getting Started

Thinking today about how resilient people are. I am constantly amazed by what my fellow humans can get through, one foot in front of the other, coming out the other side of horrible suffering and pain. Sometimes the only way to know your own strength is to live through suffering.

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

-Friedrich Nietzsche